Turnip (Raphanus sativus) has been known since the time of Moses, together with the (green, red and white) onion and pickles was a structural part of the food which was consumed by thousands of slaves who build the Egyptian pyramids.

Turnip is good to be consumed with the bread and grain food as snack foods, because it helps adopting on starchy foods as: cereals, pasta and potatoes. It will be discharged on quantity of special enzyme which helps digestion-called diastase, contained in turnips (Raphanus sativus longipinnatus). So when you consume too much starchy foods you should eat the fresh turnip which will improve your digestion.


Turnip Health Benefits:

  • It removes heavy fats

The medicine that helps in reducing of fat build-up is a drink made of white grenadier and carrot. Equal parts of turnip and carrot is added in 2 glasses of water with 1 spoon soya sauce and 1 spoon of lemon juice. The mixture is cooked on low temperature, covered around 5 to 10 min. Obtained broth is filtered and after that you take one glass, twice a day, at morning and evening.

  • It controls diarrhea

In cases of elongated diarrhea, when nothing helps, turnip will make a miracle. In blender or Cutter, cut in very small pieces, one hand of Red grenadier (also turnip), 1 glass cold milk (soya, almond, rice) and 1/2 spoon starch. Slowly drink whole quantity and for one hour the diarrhea will stop. According to your needs, you can repeat the procedure after 4 hours.

  • Protection against formation of stones in liver and bile

This is a good remedy against already existing and also for the prevention of the formation of the new stones in the liver and the bile. It makes as a drink in blender: you add 2 radish and ½ glass red wine. This drink could be taken daily once a day, and twice a day, for problems with urination.

  • Express medicine for burns

One hand to cut tails are put in a blender together with a little ice cubes, and it prepares as long it needs to get a dense mixture. You put the mixture directly on burn and cover it with a towel (rag), then stick it from all sides. For speeding the process of healing, in the mixture could be added the zinc tablet and one spoon of vitamin E.

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