My advice is for athletes who are preparing for the competition, the students who are preparing to take their exams, those who prepare for home cleaning or relocation. COCKTAILS FOR MUSCLE TENSION:    Plum-Peach-Almond: Wash and pit: 4 Plums, 2 peaches, 3 almonds. Put everything in a blender. Drink slowly.    Apple-Pear-Almond: Wash and Read More →


Tea to build-up the energy Constituents: Thyme (leaf) Rosemary (leaf) Sage (leaf) Preparation: (EVERY tea prepares separately) -Put one spoon of the plant, in one cup and fill with boiled water . Leave covered 5 to 15min. Sweeten with honey. Usage: Drink every morning , at least, one cup of tea, prepared of each plant Read More →

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