Basil (lat. Ocimum basilicum ) is a bushy and very fragrant plant,with oval and usually green leaves. There are about sixty species of basil and all are different in appearance and taste. Its growing in various parts of the world, and it was originally grown in tropical Asia. One of the types of basil (tulsi, lat Ocimum tenuiflorum) -is used to treat Read More →


Since ancient times, cacao has been considered a precious food. According to the Aztec king Montezuma, this drink was reserved for the military and social elite, and he had a sacred and solemn features. Swedish botanist Linnaeus, gave the plant the nameTheobroma cacao L. where “Theobroma” just means “food of the gods.” Cacao grows on trees Read More →


Crucial nutrition for good health… Men and woman have various dietary requirements. Below are some foods that every woman has to include in her diet plan… Flax seeds Have flax seeds daily for overall health. They are good source of omega-3 fatty acids and are known to minimize the danger of heart disease and breast Read More →

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