Cabbage is a bi-annual herb, one of the earliest cultivated vegetables and more species. Originated in Western Europe and falls in older CABBAGE plants. For many it is well known that ordinary cabbage is a real mine of good nutrition and you need more to be used in any form (raw, cooked, or at least as Read More →

  The problem with blood pressure – high or low – is a problem in all facets of modern man. Here’s a very effective and very simple remedy without much investment and with great results. This remedy is recommended by Tibetan lamas, very beneficial for the human body. It originates from somewhere 5th century BC and Read More →


Tea to build-up the energy Constituents: Thyme (leaf) Rosemary (leaf) Sage (leaf) Preparation: (EVERY tea prepares separately) -Put one spoon of the plant, in one cup and fill with boiled water . Leave covered 5 to 15min. Sweeten with honey. Usage: Drink every morning , at least, one cup of tea, prepared of each plant Read More →


What is the best food for the summer? Can we do something to feel better in the summer, and better accept the heat?  Ayurveda gives advice on summer diet and explains what happens to our bodies during this season. Seasons certainly affect the delicate balance within our body. This impact can be mitigated by changing lifestyle Read More →

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