The problem with blood pressure – high or low – is a problem in all facets of modern man.

Here’s a very effective and very simple remedy without much investment and with great results.

This remedy is recommended by Tibetan lamas, very beneficial for the human body. It originates from somewhere 5th century BC and written in a language (Sanskrit) most used in ancient writings-simply described as a homeopathic remedy that has an amazing effect.

Follow the recipe to prepare which is referred as originally translated from Sanskrit to English:


350 gr. Garlic nicely cleaned and crushed in a pestle. This is done until the mixture becomes white pulp. Then pour the mixture into a large jar and pour in 200 ml. pure alcohol (or 96%). Jar is closed and well kept 10 days in a cool and dark place to start fermentation. After spending 10 days, strain through a clean cloth (not gauze) and left to stand for another 2 to 3 days.  So left-out liquid used as a ready remedy.

In the coffee cup, add about 50 ml. cold milk. In a bowl, depending on the given table (Program for the consumption of the remedy in days) add drops of remedy prepared as follows:

Days Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Day  1 1 Drop 2 Drops 3 Drops
Day  2 4 Drops 5 Drops 6 Drops
Day  3 7 Drops 8 Drops 9 Drops
Day  4 10 Drops 11 Drops 12 Drops
Day  5 13 Drops 14 Drops 15 Drops
Day  6 15 Drops 14 Drops 13 Drops
Day  7 12 Drops 11 Drops 10 Drops
Day  8 9 Drops 8 Drops 7 Drops
Day  9 6 Drops 5 Drops 4 Drops
Day  10 3 Drops  2 Drops 1 Drop


The remedy is taken 20 minutes before meals. The rest of the remedy consumed in diluted form over a glass of milk with drops of medicine until his spending.
The remedy cleans the body from fatty deposits in arteries and improves the flow of exchange of substances in the blood, and the blood vessels become much more elastic.

Reduces risk of :


Tibetan Lama recommended this remedy to be used once in 5 years.

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