From all of our organs, the heart is the most popular and complemented. Anyway the biological effect of the liver as her attending in life’s manifestations, are even more significant comparing heart. In tenth part of the second, the liver is able to make several hundred chemical transformations without any error. It is the base from which depends the quality of the forming blood tests, digestion, memory and strongman on muscle. So our health and our life depend on the liver.

So for the liver we can write much and entering the secret of all liver shares, meaning revealing the secrets of the life itself.

But what we can list is the illness that directly or indirectly results disorder of the liver:

  1. Bad digestion
  2. Constipation and diarrhea
  3. Blind intestinal inflammation
  4. Sugar disease
  5. Obesity and thinness
  6. Anemia
  7. Inflammation and spasms in the intestines
  8. Blood in urea
  9. Sensitivity to cold
  10. Shortage of minerals
  11. Disturbance or hearing and the vision
  12. Skin disease and problems with pigmentation
  13. Arterioscleroses and rheumatism
  14. High-blood pressure
  15. Sinusitis, sneeze and chronic bronchitis
  16. Asthma, pollen sneeze and other allergic manifestations
  17. Swollen and red legs
  18. Disturbance or gland
  19. Flat-plantar
  20. Expanded vein and hemorrhoid
  21. Sterility and impotence
  22. Cellulite
  23. Depression
  24. Disordered menstruation
  25. Paralysis due sclerosis
  26. Tuberculosis
  27. Cancer

Luckily, there are signs which are pointing out that our liver lose strength and becomes ill.

One of the symptoms are:

  • Coated tongue and bad breath
  • Nausea or annoyance filling
  • Flatulence and stinky gases
  • Migraine and headache
  • Insomnia and your restless son
  • Much too bright urea
  • Yellow complexion and tired look
  • Red and dark face freckles

Remark-  The body is ours tool.  

Stone base of our body is the liver, therefore, it has ten many important rules which have to be enforced so as to preserve the health of your liver.


  • Do not bother your liver consuming food that is filled with refuse and toxins.
  • Do not poison the liver privative foods rich with cellulose which accelerates disposing on Waste
  • Do not damage liver with consumption of alcohol and cigarettes
  • Do not try to weaken the defense mechanism of the liver consuming only acidic foods and full with nitrogen
  • Avoid food that is not natural and do not use to much drugs
  • Do not bother the liver by taking a big quantity of food
  • Do not bother the liver by overdose work because of the heavy digestive food
  • Do not dry the liver with poor circulation which doesn’t bring sufficient fresh blood.
  • Do not choke the liver by not giving sufficient oxygen.
  • It will not damage the liver if you occasionally gave Diet for a few days.

Also you need to know that liver will need physical activity for disposing the poison, too much sitting also harms. Refined goods as white sugar, white salt, white refined flour and butter- are  death of the liver. Therefore, as much as you can, avoid them. As a good friend of the liver is a lemon, it is a great liver cleaner -so use it often, Haney as substitute for sugar, the fruits, actually, vitamins and amino acids could also protect the liver of toxic assaults.


Often drink lemon with water, dissolved clay and tea can also clean the liver.

The water with lemon could be taken: One glass of pure water with drain lemon in it.

Tea for liver:


Bearberry (leaf) 10g.

-Galium Verum (floral crown) 10g.

-Black Currant (leaf) 10g.

-Cornflower (flower crown) 10g.

-Horsetail 10g.

-Rosemary (flowers) 10g.

-Marigold (flower) 10g.

-Artichoke (leaf) 20gr.

-Sweet Woodruff 30gr.

-Liquorice (licorice root) 30gr.

Preparing for two days:

Put four (4) tablespoons of prepared mix in the container and put it on fire. Add in it – four glasses of hot water. Allow to boil approximately two minutes. Snap out of heat, go and cover. Leave it like that approximately fifteen minutes. Drain, and after you can drink one glass, 15 (fifteen) minutes before lunch and dinner.

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