Hawthorne has long tradition, and it being used  for healing a heart disease, angina pectoris, myocarditis, nervousness ….. Etc.
Hawthorne helps in the regulation of the activities of the heart and blood pressure.
Tea of hawthorn it strengthens the heart muscle, who experienced damage, also is used for relaxing from nervousness tension, it’s relaxing a irritability and perceptions of sensual features (which are the result of the chronic insomnia).

Tea for heart Diseases:

  • Prepare a tea with the same quantity of flowers and leaves, or just the flowers or leaves. Prepare 1 teaspoon on 1 glass of water, previously boiled and sprinkle the plant. Drink 2-3 glasses a day- sweetened with honey and always in sips.
  • Tea of Hawthorne fruits: 1 teaspoon of Hawthorne fruits splits on small pieces and leave overnight in chilled water, and then, cook and sweet with honey.

Tincture of Hawthorne:

How to prepare:

  • Tincture of Hawthorne is prepared with 7 spoons of fruits which are poor over with water and leave them 24 hours. Drain them and then drink three times a day.

Against Angina pectoris:

How to prepare:

    • In one liter of alcohol (50%) add valerian and hawthorn approximately 1/3 of the bottle, then keep this on a sun for a couple of days and then drip 25 -35 drops of the tincture in the tea and finally drink. You can experience improving after a month, because the Hawthorne purifying the blood vessels and valerian is a natural sedative which decrease a blood pressure.


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