This cure for cancer and leukemia can really help.

Because there are no side effects you can try and use it at daily basis. People who have used this cure, testify after a long time of using really helped.
The curative composition of this natural medicine is very good in the fight against cancer cells and also improves the condition of the whole organism. All you need for this remedy is a handful of organic wheat.

Here is the recipe how to prepare yourself:

In a plastic container plant organic wheat, and when becomes green after 7-8 days, harvest. Harvested wheat put into the blender, add 2 cups of water and a few ice cubes. Mix well in a blender in a few minutes.


Porridge that can strain through cheesecloth, because in the mishmash of cellulose, cellulose human body can’t digest. The strained juice of green wheat drink every day. You can pour together with the juice, or add some other various fruits such as bananas, apples, mango, etc., in order to disguise the bad taste of juice.

There are also other, many say, the best method for getting this medicine.

The resulting juice pour into a bowl or bag of ice, freeze in the freezer and insert every day by the die in fresh fruit juice, tea or in water with honey


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