Asthma is one of the most common diseases of the modern age. Its cause is an improper functioning immune system. In most cases, asthma is associated with allergies. When the allergen is present in the environment, the immune system reacts to it and causes an inflammatory reaction in the lungs. Typical allergens are mold, Read More →

  The problem with blood pressure – high or low – is a problem in all facets of modern man. Here’s a very effective and very simple remedy without much investment and with great results. This remedy is recommended by Tibetan lamas, very beneficial for the human body. It originates from somewhere 5th century BC and Read More →


From all of our organs, the heart is the most popular and complemented. Anyway the biological effect of the liver as her attending in life’s manifestations, are even more significant comparing heart. In tenth part of the second, the liver is able to make several hundred chemical transformations without any error. It is the base Read More →


Hawthorne has long tradition, and it being used  for healing a heart disease, angina pectoris, myocarditis, nervousness ….. Etc. Hawthorne helps in the regulation of the activities of the heart and blood pressure. Tea of hawthorn it strengthens the heart muscle, who experienced damage, also is used for relaxing from nervousness tension, it’s relaxing a Read More →

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