Cabbage is a bi-annual herb, one of the earliest cultivated vegetables and more species. Originated in Western Europe and falls in older CABBAGE plants. For many it is well known that ordinary cabbage is a real mine of good nutrition and you need more to be used in any form (raw, cooked, or at least as juice).

It is used against headache, burns, ulcers, insect stings, sciatica, gastritis, gastric ulcer, blood purification, liver cleansing, repairing the hearing.


Miraculous power of cabbage:


1. For leather: Rich in vitamin C supplies the skin with oxygen and maintains the freshness of the epidermis does maintain young because it protects against free radicals. For better results, you should eat raw, cut into thin slices and topped with a little olive oil and lemon juice.

2. The Vita puts it: Cabbage 100 grams. Contains only 19 calories and has the ability to melt fat. Also contains a type fibers saturated with phytoestrogens that help to maintain and puts Vita after menopause.

3. Breathing: It has the ability to prevent and protect against infections of the airways due to the significant amount of vitamin C. In folk medicine squeezed juice of cabbage is used as a remedy for colds, bronchitis and cough. So drink as juice for prevention or cure when we are sick.

4. For good digestion: Thanks to substances such as sulphur, cabbage helps to strengthen the stomach and protects the stomach from ulcers. Those who have problems with digestion, need to drink a glass of cabbage juice during the main meal. This is useful for those who do not have such problems because the juice is good for cleansing the intestines of toxins and unhealthy substances.

5.  In good medical condition: Cabbage is a real mine of materials that protect against cancer. According to studies, at the State University of New York at Buffalo State, once a week is enough to eat cabbage clove prepared in a way that is most suited to reduce the risk of colon cancer.



Use cabbage:


  • Against rheumatic pains, burns, ulcers, insect stings: Used sheets of fresh and pickled cabbage, good to iron out and put the affected areas and bind with a bandage. Need to be changed 2 to 3 times.
  • Against sciatica: Boil cabbage leaf and put such a diseased areas are covered with dry linen cloth. Bets are changed 3 times during the day.
  • Against gastritis, gastric ulcers and impaired digestion: Every day fasting drink fresh juice of cabbage, 4 times a day for 200 gr.
  • Against the duodenal ulcer, colitis: strain the juice and drink ½ liter per 30 consecutive days. During treatment it is good to take and mash the boiled wheat.
  • Against vomiting: We eat salad sauerkraut seasoned with parsley, and fennel oil.
  • Healing wounds: The leaves of cabbage are ironed with a warm iron and curling them early 3 times a day for 3 hours and then washed in places with chamomile.
  • For weight reduction: Two days to eat 5-7 boiled eggs and the third and fourth day after eating 1 kg. sauerkraut.

It’s important to note that it is best to eat fresh but useful and brine and pickled cabbage.


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