From all of our organs, the heart is the most popular and complemented. Anyway the biological effect of the liver as her attending in life’s manifestations, are even more significant comparing heart. In tenth part of the second, the liver is able to make several hundred chemical transformations without any error. It is the base Read More →


Saffron is a symbol of wisdom and wealth, as substantive as spiritual. This spice has been known since ancient times and was used in Mesopotamia 5,000 years ago and is mentioned in the Bible. The name comes from the Persian word “ za’faran”, which translated literally means “be yellow”. Saffron has a reputation as the Read More →


Today more than 30 million people are suffering from migraine headaches, only in United States. This refers to the fact it has already crept in 25% of household. According to a couple of institutes of neurological disorders says that these patients use loads of medicines, to get relief of pains. However, it leads to many Read More →

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