Currant, black (Ribes nigrum) and red (Ribes rubrum) is a healthy, delicious fruit. Yield Berries, has a pleasant acid taste, so the best way is to use them bond.

Black currant fruit, is very rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium and sugar.

Red currant fruit contain less vitamin C, but it is good for tea preparation. The fruits and leaves are used in folk medicine.

Leaves Berries are very well known as a proven diuretic, also refresh and strengthen the body.

Currant Berries Useful for:

– Strengthening of blood

– Inflammation of the brain

– Against Rheumatism and arthritis

– Improving kidney function

– Clean the intestinal stomach

– Improvement functions of the black bowel.

Currant Berries As a Remedy:

Against Rheumatism and gout, the real juice of Berries.

Alliance Berries, smash and squeezes the juice. To 1 kilo of juice, it adds 1 kilo of sugar, and cook about 15 minutes. When the juice has cooled, collected in glass bottles, seals well and kept in a cool, dark place. Thus prepared juice is used against bone pain, Rheumatism, and kidney function improved and clean intestine.


Cannon bit of currant

2 kilos currant, 1.5 kilos sugar, a small quantity of water.

Currants washed, peeled and well pressed. Cook with occasional mixing, about 1 hour. Finished Sweet mixture, collected in glass jars that were previously, heated in the oven. Then return again in lukewarm oven, to the surface made ​​thin crust. So leave until the next day, cover with lids and leave in a dark place.

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