Sometimes we’re in the need of something other than a hamburger when we want food on the go.

Nature has done the work for us with this by giving us healthy, nutritious fruit.

Next time you need a snack for the road, check out one of these 4 fast food fruits.


A simple choice, very common and easy to transport, apples aren’t as glamorous as other fruits but are perfect when you need a fast snack. With little preparation required, apples only need a quick rinse to be good to eat.
With high amounts of fibre, apples aide digestion and have been shown to be a natural way to fight irritable bowel syndrome. This finer load also means that apples fill you better than other foods, preventing weight gain, and help fight heart disease.
Not as well known as berries for antioxidant properties, apples (and their skin) provide an antioxidant boost when eaten raw, therefore providing a natural cure for chronic disease and boosting overall immunity.

Cherry Tomatoes

Tomatoes? They’re a vegetable! Wrong! Tomatoes are a fruit, look it up. it’s a great fact to impress your friends.
Cherry tomatoes are a great fast food fruit because they’re small enough to bring with you and pop in your mouth whole, plus they contain a lot of Vitamin B-6, a compound needed to produce white blood cells, basically the backbone of your immune system.
Also in raw form, they provide Vitamin C, another great way to boost your immune system. Each serving contains just about 10% of your recommended daily value, making them an amazing fast food fruit.


While blueberries might be a little bit messy, they are still a fast food fruit well worth the stains. A major source of antioxidants, these blue fruit help fight the cellular effects of aging, restoring your body to its youthful vigour. Eaten raw, these berries have also been shown to help lower belly fat, and stop high blood pressure before it starts.
So if you need fruit on the run, package these berries in a bag, and be ready to clean blue stains off your fingers. Your body will thank you for it.


This is the ultimate fast food for sure. Packaged in it’s own wrapper straight off the tree, Bananas pack a major nutritional punch as well. Loaded with energy, and known for their cramp fighting levels of potassium, the yellow fruit also provides tryptophan, a chemical which acts as a mood stabilizer.
Even the banana skin has healing properties.

Need to get rid of an itch bug bite?

Rub the inside of a banana peel on the area, and the itch will subside.bananas-vs-mosquito






Talk about fruit as a natural cure.

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