Tea to build-up the energy

mother of thyme- tea Constituents:

  1. Thyme (leaf)
  2. Rosemary (leaf)
  3. Sage (leaf)


(EVERY tea prepares separately)

-Put one spoon of the plant, in one cup and fill with boiled water . Leave covered 5 to 15min. Sweeten with honey.


Drink every morning , at least, one cup of tea, prepared of each plant separately: -10 Days thyme -10 Days rosemary -10 Days Sage. This tea will regain energy, without making exhausting or extremely exciting your nerve cells.

Energy Supplement in nutrition

Energy-SUPPLEMENT-in-nutrition  Constituents:

– 500 gr. Honey

– 50 gr. Milled almonds

– 50 grMilledlinen seed

– 50 gr. Milled sunflower


EVERY day 2-3 times by one tablespoon, excellent SUPPLEMENT for energy build up.

Energy Boost Juice

vegetable-juice Constituents:

  • 1 carrot ( washed, topped, and tailed)
  • 1 celery stalk with leaves ( washed)
  • 1 beet root (skin washed, leave on roots and tops)
  • Parsley ( a few loose parsley leaves washed and rolled)
  • Lettuce ( a few loose lettuce leaves washed and rolled)
  • Watercress ( a few loose watercress leaves washed and rolled)
  • Spinach ( a few loose spinach leaves  washed and rolled)
  • 3 tomatoes ( washed and stemmed)

Salt to taste.

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