Healthy Food - Store1.Eat properly. Start with discovering shops in your neighborhood or in the city that sell healthy foods.

Use the law that allows you to find out the true content, origin and duration of the products you buys. Learn to read labels. Groups all of purchases and go shopping on the day of the week when you have time. Dispose of old products, so as not to be tempted to use them.


muesli-breakfast2.For breakfast, you offer yourself complete grains: oat flakes, corn or wheat mixed with dry fruits, it is the best fuel for the whole day. This means that your nails will stop breaking, the hair to fall and  you will not feel a lack of energy.




Brown-Bread3. Always keep in home complete grain bread (brown bread). It is healthy and dries slowly, so you can buy two or three times a week. Pamper this bread with vegetable fat, honey or mashed sesame seeds or almonds. Teach your children to do the same.





mother-of-thyme-tea4.Replace chocolate, tea and coffee with herbal teas of Mother of Thyme or Rosemary. Before you leave the house, prepare two thermoses with Mother of Thyme tea, sweetened with honey. Your children can drink it at school, and you will not use the coffee machines. (Coffee disturbs the heart).



5. Once a week, within the family, store bags with dried fruit. Put in every of it ten almond, hazelnut or walnut, a few grains of grapes, a dry figs or two apricots. Do not overload your liver. Offer this diet, which acts directly against fatigue to yourself and your children, but in small quantities.



brown-sandwich-and-fresh-fruit6. Take from time to time, some brown bread sandwiches, and one or two of fresh fruit to your office at the workplace. Replace frequent meals in the cafeteria with these healthy substances and drink Mother of Thyme tea with honey. Half of teaspoon of honey will remove your fatigue, dizziness, and low mood.




sugar free-cookies7. Quit buying cakes and biscuits, instead eat the cake that you make yourself at home, where no white flour or white sugar, and also paints and additives dangerous to your teeth at all for your body.






8. Begin dinner with fresh fruit then make wheat porridge, add a salad of raw vegetables of your choice. In every way make it a habit to eat fruit before the start of each meal, even when you eat out, then you will not be hungry and you will not eat anything.





9. Remember: fruit, raw vegetables, brown bread, honey and cheese are the best food, foods that do not pollute your body.






observe-the-nature10.  Breathing means to live. Often ventilate your room and work space. Do not use car often. Do not hesitate to go to the village. Fill your lungs with fresh air and walk through the woods and fields.





Cold-Water-Baths11. Start the day with cold bath. That will wake up your best defense mechanisms.






goodmorning-exercise12.  Do a few exercises that will accelerate blood circulation and keep you fresh during the day. Do the exercise in the morning before breakfast.





walking-to-work13. Do not hesitate to walk. Avoid using a lift and use your legs more. For example: Go on foot halfway to your job.






14. Work without anxiety. Do not let the environment upset you. Do not think that you will be more effective if you wave your hands and raised your voice. Work is the best and the fastest in silence.







15. Get enough sleep on a hard bed in the ventilated and not overheated room. Cover with a warm but lightweight blankets.





alcohol-smoking-coffee16.  Remove any substances that poison your nerve cells. First coffee, then tea, chocolate, tobacco and alcohol. Remember: your nervous system cannot be replaced. Make sure that.





no-drugs-no medicine17. Be useful to the society, and you will have a nice opinion of themselves and aversion to drugs and medicines.





18.  Accept the message of the beauty that the world is sent to you. Stop to observe nature, find the time to caress animals. Thus, youth will last longer..





optimistic-people19. Do not let fear ruin your life. Be optimistic and arm yourself with positive thoughts, they will help you to solve the most dramatic thing properly and with a lot of wisdom.

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