Let me ask You a question? Do you drink water from plastic bottles? Do you have a habit of eating from plastic containers? Do you use in the kitchen those beautiful colorful plastic boxes?     Now carefully read: No matter what you say mainstream media, plastic is really dangerous for your¬†health. Plastic contains Read More →


Currant, black (Ribes nigrum) and red (Ribes rubrum) is a healthy, delicious fruit. Yield Berries, has a pleasant acid taste, so the best way is to use them bond. Black currant fruit, is very rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium and sugar. Red currant fruit contain less vitamin C, but it is good for Read More →


  To rejuvenate your cells and increase their durability and strength, offer them a variety of cocktails and juice blends that are just as good as they are successful. Changing them according to the seasons and your mood (it is always good to make changes). Drink it twice in a day.   COCKTAILS FOR REJUVENATION: Read More →

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