My advice is for athletes who are preparing for the competition, the students who are preparing to take their exams, those who prepare for home cleaning or relocation. COCKTAILS FOR MUSCLE TENSION:    Plum-Peach-Almond: Wash and pit: 4 Plums, 2 peaches, 3 almonds. Put everything in a blender. Drink slowly.    Apple-Pear-Almond: Wash and Read More →


  The most common treatments for depression are medicament’s or also known “antidepressant medications”.  But unless you’re suicidal because of side effects using drugs You should consider some natural treatments that might help lift your mood.   COCKTAILS FOR GOOD MOOD   Fresh beet-carrot-cabbage-almond Wash and peel 3 almonds, and not cooked medium-sized beets, carrots 2 medium size, Read More →


  Let me ask You a question? Do you drink water from plastic bottles? Do you have a habit of eating from plastic containers? Do you use in the kitchen those beautiful colorful plastic boxes?     Now carefully read: No matter what you say mainstream media, plastic is really dangerous for your health. Plastic contains Read More →

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